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    Common Questions & Answers

    Is it hard to maintain polycarbonate roofing sheets?

    Polycarbonate does not require any maintenance, a simple periodic water cleaning would be enough to minimize wind abrasion effect. Having that said, all Domer polycarbonate roofing solutions permit an easy replacement method incase of any unexpected panel damage.

    Do polycarbonate roofing sheets transmit heat?

    You might not realize this at first glance, but Domer Multipoll and solar controlled polycarbonate sheets come with a protective reflector that controls heat bearing rays such as infrared rays making them a very good insulator of heat. This means that it prevents heat flow and keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers. This is one of the reasons why they are considered ideal for sunrooms and used as skylights instead of conventional glass roof openings.

    Do polycarbonate sheets break easily?

    Polycarbonate sheets are very reliable, durable, virtually unbreakable and 200 times stronger than glass. Even though these panels are easily pliable (they can be bent to any shape). Which makes it the safest choice for roofing and skylight applications.

    Why should I get multi-walled polycarbonate sheets Vs. single-walled?

    Domer Multipoll polycarbonate roofing sheets offer better thermal insulation than single-walled polycarbonate sheets. Stronger in structure while being lighter in weight, keeping excellent impact strength.

    Do the polycarbonate sheets discolor over time?

    Domer polycarbonate sheets do not lose their color for a very long time even when they remain exposed to direct sunlight. This is due to having UV co-extruded protection layer over our UV stabilized polycarbonate material, so the damage that these rays usually cause for such paneling sheets are almost eliminated. However, generally after a long time and intense exposure to UV rays for decades, you might expect very minor color fading.

    How long do polycarbonate sheets last?

    Polycarbonate roofing sheets last for decades with minimal maintenance and without being replaced. Most polycarbonate sheets come with a UV protectant covering that prevents them from getting damaged or changing color as a result of the UV rays that otherwise are highly damaging. It protects the panels and the people living inside from getting impacted by them. Domer Polycarbonate panels come with a standard warranty of 10 years.

    Are the polycarbonate sheets expensive?

    Polycarbonate sheets are a long-term investment that may seem like an expensive option to go for; however, the value they offer for the price is unmatchable. Compared to other alternatives available on the market, it is better to go for polycarbonate sheets for their high strength, weather resistance, light weight, unbreakability, transparency, sustainability and durability that will not fade away with time.

    Are polycarbonate sheets environmental friendly?

    Even though polycarbonate sheets are a form of plastic, they are highly sustainable and great for the environment. This is because they don’t have any toxic carbon emissions and help regulate an optimum temperature inside your residential, commercial or industrial places. This is done by conserving energy lost on heating/cooling appliances and allowing you to cut back on not just the cost of bills but also your carbon footprint. In addition, Polycarbonate is fully recyclable and requires very low energy to get recycled which makes it great choice for green construction and step forward in achieving circular economy.

    Where can I find a reliable polycarbonate sheet suppliers?

    The world has multiple polycarbonate sheet suppliers; however, there is no one who does the job as well as Domer. With years of experience and a skilled team of workers, we bring you polycarbonate solutions that last you for decades and become the highlight of your space! It doesn’t matter where you are in the world because we design, manufacture and supply worldwide and ensure that what we deliver is highest quality and a great value for your money!

    Domer brings an added value to your spaces with its top-quality polycarbonate sheets that are designed to last any weather or environment. Whether you need polycarbonate solutions for a residential, commercial, or industrial property, our team of experts will ensure that our products fulfill all your expectations and provide you with a product that not only lights up the space but is also a highly durable and long-term investment!

    What Domer promise is quality and reliability in every product we deliver. We are able to achieve this goal because we have our own factories where we not only manufacture these thermoplastic sheets but also design them according to your needs. This means whether you want a corrugated, flat, or multi-walled surface for your polycarbonate sheets, we can deliver it to you without any hassle. We take extreme pride in the products we manufacture because they are designed with passion, care, and the utmost attention to detail that will not disappoint you!

    From taking care of the designs that suit your needs to taking care of turning them into a physical product that can be supplied to your homes, it takes a high level of professionalism and skill to achieve the desired goals, and we have got it all!

    Domer entered the polycarbonate sheets market with the vision to serve its customers with the best solutions. Based on that vision and the execution of our strategies, we were able to build a polycarbonate manufacturing facilities that still has retained its initial client base to this day! This is nothing but a testament to our services and the quality we offer you in every sheet we manufacture! We are one of the most trusted polycarbonate skylight suppliers globally and we are committed to fulfill all your needs when it comes to thermoplastic sheets.


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