ContiRoof UL
Polycarbonate Standing Seam

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ContiRoof UL

is an innovative polycarbonate standing seam skylight system that provides excellent water, dust, and airtight solution, high transmission of natural daylight, ultimate UV protection, and superior heat insulation.

Its engineered locking system makes the installation easy and fast combined with its high thermal insulation, relatively lightweight, and withstands heavy load. ContiRoof is the ideal solution for commercial, industrial, residential, and architectural buildings.

  • Translucent cladding
  • Canopies
  • Walkways
  • Rooflights
  • Internal partitions
  • Greenhouses
  • Stadiums

Protection and Insulation

Domer ContiRoof systems have advanced co-extruded UV protection surfaces on one or both sides, eliminating 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays. It is available in various structures, thicknesses, and colors. Suitable for a variety of flat or curved roofing or cladding designs.

Domer ContiRoof is available in different tints, transparency levels, and many surface finishings, excellent for a wide variety of projects.
Domer Solar control technology can be applied in the polycarbonate sheet allowing more natural light into the interior while reflecting the solar infrared rays that generate heat.

Product Benefits:
  • High light transmission
  • High impact resistant
  • Light-weight and easy to install
  • Good weather and UV resistant
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Excellent Air-Water tightness
  • High load capacity

*customized sizes, colors and specs are available subject to minimum order quantity

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Common Questions & Answers

Is ContiWall CL40 suitable to be cladded on existing building?

ContiWall polycarbonate system is an excellent solution to convert the look of your building into a modern one, Domer ContiWall is very easy to install, lightweight, insulates heat, fire retardant, and very long life expectancy of up to 25 years.

What is the heat insulation value and light transmission of ContiWall CL40??

Domer ContiWall CL40 has a light transmission up to 57% in clear color, and heat insulation U-Value of 1 w/m2K

What daylight system is suitable for flat walls?

Domer ContiWall CL40 is an excellent translucent system for flat or trapezoidal wall panels of any type, either made of conventional blocks, precast, sandwich panels, or more. ContiWall is your choice.

Does ContiWall system allow thermal expansion movement?

ContiWall plug-in system and special aluminum profiles allow thermal expansion movement for a very wide range of temperature changes.

Domer ContiWall CL40 system is proven to perform perfectly in the hottest summers and coldest winters.


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