ContiWall CL40
Polycarbonate Cladding & Facade

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ContiWall CL40

is a polycarbonate glazing solution compound of co-extruded polycarbonate modular panels in 40 mm thickness, thermal broken aluminum profile, and accessories designed for a translucent facade, cladding, and roofing applications.

The polycarbonate multi-diamond structure provides extraordinary stability, high impact resistance, extreme thermal insulation, and excellent light transmission. In addition, its lightweight and the seamless plug-in system ensures effortless and quick installation without the need for visible fixing, making it the ideal option for a wide range of applications.

  • Cladding
  • Architectural lighting
  • Internal partitions
  • Rooflights
  • Translucent Facades
  • Rainscreen

Protection and Insulation

Domer ContiWall CL40 polycarbonate panels offer excellent protection against vandalism or accidental damages having 200 times more impact resistance than glass. ContiWall CL40 is co-extruded with a UV resistant layer blocking the harmful UV rays and providing an excellent weathering performance.

Domer ContiWall CL40 is available in different tints and transparencies to match any project requirements. Domer Solar control technology can be applied in the polycarbonate sheet allowing more natural light into the interior while reflecting the solar infrared, which creates heat. These translucent polycarbonate panels provide energy savings to the buildings while promoting daylight for a comfortable environment.

Product Benefits:
  • High light transmission
  • High impact resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Excellent weather and UV resistant
  • Outstanding Thermal Insulation
  • Excellent Air-Water tightness
  • Fire Retardant
Product NameDescription
Domer ContiWall CL40ContiWall Polycarbonate Seamless Facade & Cladding System
Domer ContiWall CL40 FRContiWall Polycarbonate Seamless Fire Retardant conforming to European Standard EN13501-1 Class B s1 d0

*customized sizes & colors are available subject to minimum order quantity

Type Color
Opaquewhite, navy blue, sky blue, dark green, mint green, yellow, light grey, dark grey, red, brick red, orange
Translucenttransparent clear, opal, bluewish, greenish, yellowish, greyish, reddish, orange
PropertyTest MethodConditionsUnitsValue
Water AbsorptionD-57024 hr. @ 23°C%0.15
Tensile Strength at breakD-63810 mm/minMpa65
Elongation at breakD-63810 mm/min%>80
Tensile Modulus of ElasticityD-6381 mm/minMpa2300
Flexural ModulusD-7901.3 mm/minMpa2350
Rockwell HardnessD-785R scale125
PropertyTest MethodConditionsUnitsValue
Long Term Service Temperature°C
Short Term Service Temperature°C
Coefficient of Linear ExpansionD-696mm/m°C0.065
Thermal ConductivityC-177W/mK0.21
System Thermal InsulationW/m2K1.0
PropertyTest MethodConditionsUnitsValue
Light TransmissionD-1003Clear Sheet%57

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Common Questions & Answers

Is ContiWall CL40 suitable to be cladded on existing building?

ContiWall polycarbonate system is an excellent solution to convert the look of your building into a modern one, Domer ContiWall is very easy to install, lightweight, insulates heat, fire retardant, and very long life expectancy of up to 25 years.

What is the heat insulation value and light transmission of ContiWall CL40??

Domer ContiWall CL40 has a light transmission up to 57% in clear color, and heat insulation U-Value of 1 w/m2K

What daylight system is suitable for flat walls?

Domer ContiWall CL40 is an excellent translucent system for flat or trapezoidal wall panels of any type, either made of conventional blocks, precast, sandwich panels, or more. ContiWall is your choice.

Does ContiWall system allow thermal expansion movement?

ContiWall plug-in system and special aluminum profiles allow thermal expansion movement for a very wide range of temperature changes.

Domer ContiWall CL40 system is proven to perform perfectly in the hottest summers and coldest winters.


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