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Domer  ContiWall CL40

Domer ContiWall CL40 system is a polycarbonate glazing solution compound of modular systems of co-extruded modular polycarbonate glazing panels with a 40 mm thickness, thermal broken aluminium profile and accessories designed for translucent cladding and roofing applications.  

Its multi-diamond structure provides extraordinary stability, high impact resistant, extreme thermal insulation and excellent light transmission. Its light weight and plug-in seamless system assures very easy and quick installation, without visible fixing, making it the ideal option for a wide range of applications.

Domer ContiWall CL40 is tested against air-water leakage according to American standards passing satisfactorily all these international test. Test reports are available upon request. 

We have the ability to tailer make special modifications to meet any complex architectural requirement. 

Product Benefits


Product Features/Standards

U-Value 1.1W/m2K

Special Treatments

color layers of polycarbonate
yellow orange blue

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