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Durapoll NC




Solid Noise Control

Community Noise Control | Polycarbonate Skylight

Community Noise Control | Polycarbonate Skylight The Difference is in the details we pay attention and we care We deliver comfort for healthier communities 1/3

Community Noise Control

Highways, flyover bridges, truck roads, and other types of streets are great! But they come with a serious side effect; they are all extremely NOISY!

Noise pollution is disturbing and has tremendous health effects, and can cause nervousness, sleep disturbance, stress, increase in blood pressure, forgetfulness, severe depression, and other chronic hearing diseases.

Domer offers a wide range of Durapoll NC polycarbonate acoustic sound barrier solutions that reduce noise levels below the levels of disturbance and irritation in residential or office communities neighboring highways and high traffic roads and bridges, providing a healthy environment.

Domer Durapoll NC is suitable for all weather conditions, extreme heat or cold, tropical or dry, easy to install, lightweight, does not require any maintenance, is virtually unbreakable, and can be custom-made to suit your project requirements’ size, color, tint, and transparency levels.