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Domer  Lumina In-LED Tunnel

Domer Lumina In-LEDTunnel is a LED integration to the Domer Lumina Tunnel allowing efficient light 24 hours a day.

During the day time the lighting from the entire space comes from the natural sun light. As evening approches and the day start getting cloudier, the LED start to light up to compensate the reduction of sun light in order to always keep the same level of illumination into the space which can be pre-set or adjust by our Lumina Light controller.

Although LEDs are inside the solar tube, due to the MPCBs have been designed to have a specific orientation of the used LEDs, the reflection to the outside is very low (less than 5%) so that all the optical power is forwarded to the diffuser, making no reflections in the mirror of the solar tube.

reflection ball



Available Options: 

  1. Standard (On-Off): Startup performed by the user manually stop

  2. Manual with automatic dimming

  3. Automatic with movement sensor and built-dimerization

  4. Automatic with twilight sensor and built-dimerization

diffuser ts & tsb

Dimming is optional, but it can be an asset for maximizing the efficiency of the Led system.
A light probe is positioned at a strategic location in the nave / building, allowing you to select the desired lighting level for that space.
Depending on the measured signal. an order is issued to increase or decrease the power of the Led, making it a system of Maximum efficiency when compared to on / off standard or competitive systems.

cloudy days 70% natural light + 30% led light

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