Multiwall Polycarbonate

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Domer Multipoll

is a family of multiwall polycarbonate sheets with a cellular structure that provides insulating spaces creating thermal insulation while allowing light penetration. Domer offers a wide range of structures, thicknesses, colors, and finishing to adapt to every application.

Domer Multipoll Polycarbonate sheet is co-extruded with UV protection surface on one or both sides, guaranteeing resistance to aging against atmospheric agents and harmful UV rays and providing an excellent weather performance.

  • Skylights and sidelights
  • Translucent cladding
  • Interior decoration
  • Polycarbonate greenhouses
  • Illuminated signage
  • Covered walkways

Heat Insulation

Based on the different load and thermal management requirements, Domer manufactures polycarbonate multiwall reinforced and stable structures to meet the various options of clients’ needs.
We provide specific solar control performances reducing the solar heat gain while securing high levels of healthy natural light passing into the building.

Domer Multipoll structured multiwall polycarbonate sheets are lightweight compared to solid polycarbonate sheets or glass, offering far better thermal insulation in a single panel.
Perfect to pass the light while keeping the heat out in summer; likewise, pass the light into the living space while preserving the heat within the building in winter.

Product Benefits:
  • Lighter weight than glass and solid polycarbonate sheets
  • Excellent impact strength
  • High light transmission and variety of tints
  • Flame retardancy
  • Excellent print quality and ink adhesion
  • Weatherability: Co-extruded UV layer on one or both sides

*customized sizes are available subject to minimum order quantity

*Colors and Finishes can be customized subject to minimum order quantity

Duratherm Structures

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Common Questions & Answers

What are the main advantages of multiwall polycarbonates?

Multiwall polycarbonate panels have superior heat insulation properties and much lighter in weight in comparison with polycarbonate solid sheets.

What are the differences of Duratherm structures?

Domer Duratherm polycarbonate panels come in a wide range of structures, mainly defined as following:

  • (R) rectangular walls
  • (D) Diamond-shaped walls
  • (H) Honeycomb walls
  • (X) X-structured walls

The wide variety of structures available with Domer provide tens of options and combinations of specifications such as Light transmission, strength, heat insulation, and more.


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Would multiwall polycarbonates lose color over time?

Domer Duratherm panels are co-extruded with premium quality UV resistant layer guaranteeing very long life expentancy without color fade or change.

Can we install polycarbonate multiwalls horizontally for siding?

Multiwall polycarbonates have hollow structures that should be installed vertically for outdoor applications, places with high-temperature differences, humid areas, and so on, to allow water to drain out.

However, in some interior dry applications, multiwall polycarbonates can be installed horizontally.


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