Durapoll SC
Solar Control Polycarbonate

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Domer Durapoll SC

polycarbonate sheet utilizes unique resin-modified thermal management technology that can effectively block the infrared heat while letting in the visible light, significantly reducing the heat build-up.

The unique solar control resin-modified used in Domer Durapoll SC is applied during the extrusion process. As a result, it can reflect most of the external sunshine heat and preserve most indoor air-conditioning in summer. In addition, its extraordinary thermal insulation performance helps to create a pleasant environment.

  • Industrial and commercial roofing
  • Architectural glazing
  • Sport venues
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Canopies
  • Covered Walkways

Formability and Effect

Domer Durapoll solar control sheet can be curved and installed as a sound barrier or roof glazing but also be thermoformed into different shapes to meet specific customer requirements.

Domer solar control technology applies special additives to the polycarbonate sheets allowing more natural light into the interior while reflecting the solar infrared, which creates heat. This performance provides energy savings to the buildings while ascending natural daylight. In addition, studies indicate that natural light can directly impact increasing productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Product Benefits:
  • High natural light transmission
  • Blocks 100% harmful UV
  • Reduces the greenhouse effect
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Energy saving
  • Excellent acoustical insulation
Product NameDescription
Domer Durapoll SCSolar control polycarbonate sheets
0.8 - 3.0mmNo Limit≤ 2100mm
3.0 - 20mmNo Limit≤ 2450mm

*customized sizes are available subject to minimum order quantity

Type Color
Translucentopal, bluewish, greenish, yellowish, greyish, reddish, orange

*Colors and Finishes can be customized subject to minimum order quantity

PropertyTest MethodConditionsUnitsValue
Water AbsorptionD-57024 hr. @ 23°C%0.15
Tensile Strength at breakD-63810 mm/minMpa65
Elongation at breakD-63810 mm/min%>80
Tensile Modulus of ElasticityD-6381 mm/minMpa2300
Flexural ModulusD-7901.3 mm/minMpa2350
Rockwell HardnessD-785R scale125
PropertyTest MethodConditionsUnitsValue
Long Term Service Temperature°C
Short Term Service Temperature°C
Coefficient of Linear ExpansionD-696mm/m°C0.065
Thermal ConductivityC-177W/mK0.21
PropertyTest MethodConditionsUnitsValue
HazeD-1003Clear Sheet%<0.5
Light TransmissionD-1003Clear Sheet%90%
Refractive IndexD-542Clear Sheet1586
Yellowness IndexD-1925Clear Sheet<1

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Common Questions & Answers

What is the main advantage of durapoll sc?

in short, domer durapoll sc can eliminate infrared rays and harmful ultra-voilet rays resulting in a tremendous improvement in heat insulation, while allowing the natural daylight to pass.

Why domer solar control polycarbonate is suitable for construction?

Domer Durapoll SC is suitable for buildings due to its ability to block the infrared rays while maintaining high transparency and very durable impact resistance.

What is the life expectancy of durapoll polycarbonates?

Domer durapoll is co-extruded with ultra-violet protection layer on one or two sides of the sheet which guarantees a life span of over 25 years.

*Contact Domer for more info about the product warranty

Is it safe to use durapoll sc as roof or wall glazing?

Domer durapoll sc has 200 times higher impact resistance in comparison with glass, making it a much safer alternative when it comes to the glass risk of breaking and shattering. Needless to mention the additional advantage such as low weight, better heat insulation, and maneuvering.


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