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Domer  Lumina AllDay Tunnel

Domer Lumina AllDay Tunnel maximise the use of natural light including industrial LED lighting complement, completely integrated in the system in order to provide 24 hours light to the space without the need for any additional lighting.

Domer Lumina Allday Tunnel is able to efficiently illuminate the space during the day with natural day light reducing the amount of electrical energy consumption. During the night and when the natural light is not enough to provide the optimal lighting, the system is only complemented with the LED to provide the necessary light to maintain always the desired level of light.

This innovative system is the ideal solution for warehouses, factories or pavilions where Lumina AllDay tunnel can provide efficiently healthy light reducing at the end of the month considerably the energy bill. 

sunlight absorb
roof full of crystals

Options /  Standards

limen led 22.500

Available Options: 

We have available two command versions of Lumina AllDay tunnel to carry out all this management:

  1. Lumina Self Light Probe: The level of light emitted by the LED is controlled by a light probe previously regulated

  2. Lumina Light Controller: We can select the desired light set point and measure and control the level of light emitted by the LED with a programmable console.

lumnia self light probe


night time 100% led light

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