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Polycarbonate Panels For Greenhouses - Domer

Polycarbonate Panels For Greenhouses - Domer we take pride constantly of what we do 1/3

Polycarbonate Panels for commercial greenhouses

Domer offers corrugated and multiwall polycarbonate panels for commercial greenhouses. Polycarbonate weighs half as much as glass and has 200 times more impact-resistant; farmers and growers can reduce the structural requirements while maintaining identical glass performance in light transmission, increasing production while reducing costs.

Our wide range of Domer Duratherm panels offers growers and farmers a custom-made solution to control essential light transmission, light diffusion, and heat insulation parameters. It is the perfect solution for large greenhouses due to its lightweight, heat insulation, weather-resistant, and low maintenance.

Domer Anti-Fog special surface treatment can be applied on Durapoll and Duratherm sheets to prevent condensation and water dripping.

Domer polycarbonate solutions for commercial greenhouses are suitable for any structure and come with complete installation accessories.