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Domer Vivid

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Roof Skylight System

Domer is a leading global brand for advanced skylight systems, promoting daylighting through healthy light transmission into the building space and blocking over 99% of harmful sun rays.

Domer skylight suppliers manufacture a wide range of roof lights that can be integrated into any roof. So whether the roof is flat, pitched, or curved, warehouses, industrial buildings, sports facilities, residential or commercial buildings can benefit from our products. Our skylight systems are water, air, and dust-tight, durable. They can sustain the most challenging weather providing a very long life span, aesthetically pleasing, engineered for easy and quick installation.

Domer skylight systems are primarily great in heat insulation while enjoying a high light transmission, making them an excellent choice for energy and cost savings on artificial lighting. Hence, they are environmentally friendly by reducing carbon footprint and sustainable solutions for effective recycling. Both polycarbonate skylight and glass-reinforced plastic can be tailored made to match any roof metal profile.