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Polycarbonate & Fiberglass Roofing Sheets

Roofing is one of the main specialties of Domer, being the leader polycarbonate and fiberglass-reinforced plastic manufacturer specialized in roofing solutions, with decades of accumulative experience. Domer offers a wide range of products from simple corrugated fiberglass sheets or corrugated polycarbonate roofing sheets to complex systems such as standing seam polycarbonate that covers almost any architectural structure or building.

Our Polycarbonate or fiberglass roofing sheets can be custom-made in a wide variety of colors or translucent, allowing maximum light transmission into the building and providing excellent thermal insulation, contributing to saving on air conditioning, heating, and lighting costs.

Domer roofing systems are made of solid, structural polycarbonate multiwall or fiberglass reinforced plastics, offering architectural flexibility, practicality, durability, strength, and value.


Common Questions & Answers

What are corrugated fiberglass-reinforced panels (GRP)?

Fiberglass-reinforced panels (GRP) are sheets made of polyester resin, and fiberglass that can be used for skylights, greenhouses, or roofing of any commercial, or industrial building. These panels or sheets can be flat or trapezoidal – have waves crowns and valleys -. Moreover, they come in various shapes and sizes per your desired structures. Fiberglass panels are very commonly used for roofing because of the variety of options they offer and how easy it is to install or uninstall them. They can easily be painted or tinted with textures to complement the design of your space.

How long will fiberglass roofing last?

Fiberglass roofing sheets have remarkable longevity because of UV stabilizers and co-extruded protective layers that are often added during the process of its making. Fiberglass plastic is an extremely strong and durable form of polymer that allows
fiberglass roofing to stay intact for decades. And for specific applications GRP sheets can possess a higher strength than steel, aluminum, or acrylic roofing. This means fiberglass roofing protects you from major weather changes like thunderstorms and hailstorms so that you can count on its high performance.

Can Fiberglass panels used to reduce artificial lighting?

Absolutely! Fiberglass is known to have an excellent transmittance of light as it is known for diffusing light. It is widely used as roofing for greenhouses and skylights in industrial or commercial buildings for this very reason. It can give your buildings the much-needed scenic beauty and natural light to combat the poor artificial lighting of the interior of the space. Besides the fact of having long life span, easy installation and cost advantage

Are the fibreglasses skylights expensive?

The price for a fiberglass skylight depends on the design, size, mechanical properties, reaction to fire classification and color of the product. However generally, fiberglass panels are considered great investments and have very good value for money. considering its long life span and incredible durability that other materials do not offer. Choosing the right specification of GRP sheets is vital to get the best out of the paid cost. Please do not hesitate to contact our GRP roofing specialists for recommendation

Why should I get fiberglass roofing sheets?

Fiberglass roofing sheets are robust and durable, and they last for many decades. They are generally more rigid than any other roofing material, do not rust nor corrode. and have an ultraviolet protective layer which reflects over 99% of the harmful UV rays, hence protecting the building from all kinds of UV rays in the long run. These sheets will continue to sustain their structure, design, and color with minimal maintenance.

Can I drill holes in fiberglass for direct fixation?

In short, regular self drilling screws can be used for fixing the fiberglass GRP panels, Domer GRP is designed and manufactured to fit your project conditions. Hence center punch, making minor indent on the spot and pre-drilling is not needed.

Is fiberglass a good option in harsh weather conditions?

Fiberglass is excellent for any weather condition. Fiberglass can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or 540 Celsius, which means no matter how hot it gets, your fiberglass will remain intact. It filters out sunlight, and because of the presence of anti-ultraviolet protection layer, it offers you UV rays resistance and diffusion of glare. Domer VIVD TP GRP series are great for insulation because it prevents heat from flowing outside the space. They also provide a cooling effect as it maintains the building temperature to an optimal level.

Is fiberglass roofing better than steel roofing?

While one may opt for steel because of its low cost feature, it’s important to note that in the aspect of material’s durability, longevity and performance, fiberglass is a way better material for roofing. Because there are no risks of rust in fiberglass, unlike steel; thus, have great advantage in humid atmosphere, extreme hot and cold weathers, dusty and rainy locations, coastal areas and so on.

Are fiberglass sheets environment-friendly?

With the ever-changing climate, it has become increasingly important to protect our environment in every way possible. Fiberglass roofing is one of the very few sustainable solutions in the market right now as it is highly energy-efficient. They conserve energy even in the most extreme weather conditions because of their low coefficient for thermal conductivity. It is often the first choice for any constructor or builder looking to find energy-efficient solutions for their construction needs. And, because of its long lifespan, there is automatically way less need to replace it frequently.

Do fibreglass have to be maintained?

As a fiberglass roofing owner, you won’t have to worry much about maintaining and checking up on your fiberglass sheets aside from occasional brush-up and dusting off. In a very rare case scenario, if the panels show signs of cracks or chipping, then simple maintenance work would do the job of bringing them back to life. Otherwise, fiberglass sheets are very low-maintenance because they are highly strong and resilient in the face of wear and tear.

Is fiberglass fire retardant?

Domer VIVID can be fire retardant in compliance with British Standard BS476-7 Class 1, or American Standard ASTM E84 Class A.

Is it possible to buy good quality fiberglass roofing sheet at a reasonable price?

Investing in suitable materials for your rooftops is essential because they protect you and your building. However, the market is filled with low-quality products and suppliers who are looking to make a bank. Worry no more! Because this is not the case with Domer as we aim to provide you with the best quality fiberglass roofing sheets for your comfort and that too, at the best prices! We have accumulated decades of experience in this industry and are only known to deliver a product worth all the hype!

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