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Domer fiberglass and polycarbonate wall glazing

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Glazed Wall

Domer fiberglass and polycarbonate wall glazing solutions offer an extensive range of systems, from crystal-clear, translucent, color-tinted, or light-diffusing, to provide a healthy environment in the building.

Domer glazing systems have extreme durability against the toughest weathers, are virtually unbreakable, superior spanning, highly insulated for hot, cold, or tropical regions, combined with the ability to allow healthy daylight into the building space.

Polycarbonate offers excellent properties compared to glass glazing systems due to its lightweight, impact-resistant, and maneuvering. It has 200 times more impact resistant than glass and its half weight compared to glass allows to reduce the structural requirements and speed up the installation.

Pre-engineered solutions assure quick, effective, and easy installation. Suitable for residential units, shopping malls, sports venues, airports, health centers, industrial buildings, and more.