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 Domer  ContiRoof SSUL

Domer ContiRoof SSUL is an innovative polycarbonate standing seam skylight system which provides an excellent water, dust and air tight solution, high natural day light transmission, extreme UV protection and superior heat insulation.

Its engineered locking designed system makes the installation easier and faster, combined with its high thermal insulation, relatively light weight and high load withstand 
is the ideal solution for commercial, industrial, residential and architectural buildings. 

Domer ContiRoof SSUL has a unique co-extruded protected surface in on or both sides which eliminates 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays and it is available in a wide range of structures, thickness and  colors offering to the a variety of flat or curved roofing or cladding designs. 


Product Benefits


Production  Standards

wall R, H, W, D, and R structures

Advanced Solutions

10 year warranty polycarbonate


6-30 mm tickness
solar control

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