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Polycarbonates and fiberglass panels are much more robust and lighter than glass, making them a popular facade solution. These panels can be translucent, providing natural light into the building, reducing the use of artificial light, saving energy, and providing a healthy and productive environment or in different tints and opaque colors.

Domer manufactures a wide range of facade systems, from polycarbonate multiwall or corrugated to specialized air-water tight systems with extreme durability against the toughest weathering, virtually unbreakable, superior spanning, highly insulated combined with the ability to allow healthy daylight into the building space.

Besides the functional characteristics, our systems have tremendous aesthetic advantages, making them suitable for residential houses and communities, shopping malls, sports venues, airports, health centers, and more.

Domer polycarbonate translucent facades come in various transparencies and tints that allow architects to create impressive designs. In addition, artificial lights can be used at night to create incredible effects on the polycarbonate facades.