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Domer  ContiVault SSCV

Domer ContiVault SSCV system is polycarbonate skylight solution specially designed for standing seam roofs where can be installed directly on the standing seam roof without the need of costly steel up-stands, providing excellent light transmission and heat insulation. It is a completely watertight solution for unlimited running meters which is compatible and approved by the leading  standing seam roof manufactures.

Domer ContiVault SSCV is co-extruded with a UV protection surface which eliminates min 99% of harmful ultraviolet solar radiation ensuring a long term durability.

The roof skylight is fire rated according to American Standard ASTM E 84 Class A and British Standard BS 476-1 Class 1.

ContiVault SSCV

Product Benefits

ContiVault SSCV Components

Domer ContiVault SSCV system consist in three layers:


  1. GRP liner, available in different lengths 

  2. Mid Thermal Layer, available in different lengths and can be customized to meet project requirements. 

  3. ContiVault SSCV outer, polycarbonate thermoforming layer available in the following units:

  • Up slope end cap – 250 mm

  • Continuous mid layer ( 1000,750,500,250 mm)

  • Down slop end cap – 250 mm

4 pcs of vault

Product  Features

SHGC 0.53
10 year

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