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Domer  Vivid Hybrid Skylight Panels

Domer Vivid Hybrid Skylight Panels are an innovative factory assembled  panels made of glass reinforced fibre with a internal polycarbonate thermal layer providing high levels of diffuse light into the building with an excellent thermal insulation designed to match to any composite roofing panel and vast any project requirements.

Its optimal thermal insulation performance delivering U-Value as low as 0.8 W/Km2, high levels of quality daylight and durability make our Vivid Hybrid panels the ideal choice for your industrial or commercial building. 

Domer Vivid GRP is available in different fire rating classifications from American Standards to British standard achieving the highest possible classification. 

GRP models

Product Advantages


Product Features/Standards

fire rated
Available the following fire classifications including American standard which includes smoke index test:

  • ASTM E84 – Class A
  • BS 476-7   – Class 1
high insulation
Domer Vivid Hybrid skylight panels have an outstanding thermal performance achieving a U-value as low as 0.8 W/mK2 :
Our GRP panels are made with “UV Premium Shield” eliminating 99% of UV harmful rays or “UV Premium Shield” for a longer life up to 30 years warranty:


  • ” UV Premium” shield
  • ” UV Premium” shield
Vivid-Hybrid--Skylight-Panels (details)

* Subject to the shipping possibilities
**Color can be customized subject to minimum order quantity

Vivid-Hybrid--Skylight-Panels light percentage

* Further layer combination can be provided to suit project requirements

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