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Polycarbonate Solar-Control Sheet

Domer solar control sheet sheet applies special resin-modified technology thermal management. It can effectively block the infrared heat while let in the visible light, significantly reducing the building energy billing. 

The special solar control resin modified applied during the extrusion process can reflect most of the external sunshine heat in summer and preserve most of the indoor air-conditioning heat in summer. Its extraordinary thermal insulation performance helps create a pleasant environment.

Domer solar control sheet can be flexible curved installed as a sound barriers or roof glazing , but also be thermoformed into different shapes to meet specific requirements of customers.


Solar Control

Product Benefits


infrared pearl metallic

The solar-control-modified resin has been put into the sheet during extrusion process. The specific photothermal reflectance of metal base can be removed by more than 40% in the solar spectrum of the far-infrared heat in comparison with normal polycarbonate sheets.

Domer metallic reflect solar control sheets has better heat insulation under the same sunshine condition.

Production  Standards

1.5-4mm 4-12 mm thickness
color layers of polycarbonate

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