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Domer  Lumina In-LED Solar Tunnel

Domer Lumina InLED Solar Tunnel has an innovative addition over the traditional Lumina Tunnel allowing solar light day and night operation.

Domer Lumina InLED Solar Tunnel kit is designed to operate during the day in the traditional way to capture and introduce daylight into the space to simultaneously be illuminated during the night time. Domer InLED Solar kit includes photovoltaic panel, lithium battery and LED lighting completely integrated into the Lumina Tunnel structure, combining modern solar transmission technology with the state-of-the-art LED technology, making it a breakthrough for traditional Lumina Tunnel and traditional lighting, enabling 24-hour interior room lighting to be energy-efficient and durable.

All kits are supplied with IR remote control, allowing you to switch on, off and program operation in various situations  and functions.

solar panel
natural light day time

Available Models

solar and crystal panel
inled 50 14.3W

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