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Polycarbonate Double-Color Sheet

Domer double color sheet sheet has different color in each side making it ideal for applications in buildings requiring a special visual effect. 

Domer double color sheet maintains all the physical and mechanical properties than a solid sheet, however it provides you a variety of options where you can refined externally and internally the color effect, achieving your ideal design goal. 

Domer double color sheet can be cold bended and cold folded into different shapes to meet specific requirements of customers.

doble color sheet

Product Benefits


UV polycarbonate machine

Domer uses three extruders A, B, and C working together in its production line. Many co-extruded products can be achieved, such as A/B, A/B/A, A/B/C, A/B/C/A where A represents UV resins, B reprensets one color of the polycarbonate resin, C represents another color of the resin. Specific double color rate can be achieved through adjusting the extrusion speed of B and C. 

Production  Standards

6000 mm length
color layers of polycarbonate

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