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About Us

Domer Industrial Limited designs, develops and supplies value engineered integrated solutions for commercial, industrial and residential building envelops made by state of the art production facilities of glass fibre-reinforced plastic, polycarbonate & acrylics. A global company operating across the world supplying through our global distribution and servicing via our experienced and dedicated engineers.

Our products are used across the world providing optimal solutions in a diverse range of markets and applications as roof systems, greenhouses, canopies, skylights, wall-cladding, pool covering, interior designs, sound-wind barriers, fire barriers, signage, displays and much more. 

Our Values

Domer is always at the forefront of technology monitoring and modifying equipments according to the new product’s requirements positioning us as a leader in the market. 

Our core competence is continuous innovation and creativity in our advanced solutions sourced from our customer’s needs to meet the market requirements.

Domer quality policy is uncompromised ensuring we provide a world-class products according with the lastest international engineering standards.

We are always devoted to creating the best value to our customers from an idea to a product maintaining our agility and performance as a key differentiation factor.

Supply Chain

Domer Industrial Limited serves over 70 countries with its manufacturing facilities across the world ensuring the availability of our products to  meet the requirements of our global clients.  
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