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Polycarbonate Abrasion-Resistant Sheet

Domer abrasion resistant sheet is one or both sides hard coated polycarbonate solid sheet offering an excellent performance and resistant against scratches, marks, gratifies, vandalism and physical attack. 

Domer abrasion resistant sheet provides 250-300 times more impact resistance than glass at only half weight making suitable for construction glazing which can prevent the violent break-in. In addition, this outstanding strength and security of Domer Abrasion Resistant make it the ideal material for museum showcase, protective shield, door and bullet-proof glass. 

The unique coating on Domer  sheet’s surface is the source for its chemical and abrasion resistant. This coating provides a chemical resistant durable to various material ranging from corrosive elements and solvents to cleaning agents. Graffiti spray can be removed easily and sheet is ideal for industrial environments where volatile chemicals are present. 

Product Benefits


metro displays made of polycarbonate
durability comparison between polycarbonate sheets

Production  Standards

standard sizes
color layers of polycarbonate

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